”The most beautiful reward and
the most generous pleasure of the real,
genuine host if his guests like the dish.

                                /Károly Gundel/


Dear Visitor!


The philosophy of our company is the motto of Károly Gundel who was a world-famous Hungarian gastronomical specialist living at the beginning of the century. The family business was established in 1992 by the late Mr László Madler. Restaurant Kiskakas and Restaurant Diófa of Székesfehérvár were managed by twenty-five-year professional skill and unconditional commitment concerning catering. His professional work was appreciated by József Venesz Prize, the most important native honour of the Hungarian National Gastronomical Association. The founder's spiritual heritage: commitment regarding quality, high professional level, hospitality, which is owned by the thirty-strong collective of two restaurants today as well.

Restaurant Diófa lies directly next to road 8 /E66/ half-way between Budapest and Lake Balaton thus it can be an ideal stop of excursions leading to whether Lake Balaton, West Transdanubia or the capital city. The ruins, the old city and the basilica of the medieval crowning city are popular touristic targets. The two-storey restaurant is air-conditioned and can accomodate 110 and 50 guests. The interior suggests warmth and a comfortable bourgeois environment. In our unique garden of Mediterranean mood can still accomodate further 90 guests in good weather. The car-park has room for more buses too. Free WIFI.

Our recommendation is reformed several times in a year in the interests of our guests that we can acquaint them with as many masterpieces of the European gastronomical art as possible, over the Hungarian specialities. The languages of our menus are German and English from which our guests can choose among some of sixty dishes. Of course, for groups and programmes we undertake making whatever kind of dishes.



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